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Aug 01

6 Motivations Why Women Should Strength Train (2016-10-24)

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We all know that strength training is a man thing or is it! There is nothing wrong if women want to start strength training as it has many benefits. For years, it may have been a testosterone thing as women feel they will build muscle and make them look butch you are so wrong. We have 6 motivations as to why women should strength train. ... Read more
Aug 01

How Yoga Gives You Better Sleep from Stress (2016-10-27)

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With the modern developments taking place in the world, running around for work trying to meet deadlines has left sleeping in the backseat. In addition, for many not sleeping has become a norm. The main concern is that if you do not get enough sleep it makes you feel frustrated and makes your day unpleasant at the same time. You need to back into your normal sleep cycle and there are many different things you can consider from eating a healthy ... Read more
Aug 01

How Often Should You Exercise To Stay In Shape? (2016-11-01)

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No one has hours to spend in the gym every week, although it would be great. The main factor is that we all want to stay in shape, and it’s tough to know how often you should exercise to stay in shape. You need to exercise often and here at Fitness Fashions we are going to help you with how you can split your time between different types of exercises. ... Read more
Aug 01

Can You Challenge Yourself To Master The Uncomfortable? (2016-11-09)

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How many times have you heard that you need to step outside your comfort zone – many times! So can you challenge yourself to master the uncomfortable? Everyone needs inspiration and encouragement, as we tend to get used to being in the same groove of our lives. We are not very keen on getting out there doing something strange. However, repeatedly it’s important to break these comfort zones and try to do something new for a good reason. Today we... Read more
Aug 01

Some Beauty Foods from an A-List Makeup Artist (2016-11-11)

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Everyone wants a beautiful skin! However, how do you get this right in making sure your skin stays healthy and glowing? Luckily for you, there are solutions and it’s available in the latest book Eat Beautiful written by the A-List Makeup Artist Wendy Rowe now available online. When reading the book you start wondering that Wendy Rowe being a make-up artist would magically make your skin healthy with cleansing and make-up tricks. No, she realize... Read more
Aug 01

Look at all of our brands (2017-03-01)

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We have more than 30 brands in our store and on our website at any time – have you seen them all?... Read more
Aug 01

Halibut with lemon and tomato (2017-03-20)

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Did you know that a serving of halibut has 30% of your recommended daily serving of protein? ... Read more
Aug 01

Spring is a great time (2017-04-03)

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Spring is a great time to get out and take your fitness routine into nature. All can enjoy is trail running or walking.... Read more
Aug 01

Best Butt Workouts (2013-04-02)

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Bust stress and tone your tush with this fast-paced routine.... Read more
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