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Aug 02

Onzie Yoga Clothing is More Than Just Classy (2016-09-13)

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If you enjoy the heated up yoga one item that can break your practice is your outfit. If you have a non-breathable and confining clothes, it will not let you cool off and leaves you uncomfortable and sweaty. Now, this is why Onzie workout clothes are more than just classy.... Read more
Aug 02

BIA Brazil a Fitness Clothing Range with a Smart Fabric Design (2016-09-20)

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For you to start exercising you need some motivation and this does not only apply to your energy but outfit as well. With the BIA Brazil fitness clothing range, you receive more than just design; you receive a smart fabric as well. If your mind is mentally prepared and you have a great outfit on you exercise more energetically with the best results. You will not only feel more energized, you will also turn some heads. So why take part in sports ... Read more
Aug 02

What Makes the Onzie Yoga Clothing Different (2016-09-22)

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It is not easy to find the right Activewear for yoga; however, with the new breakthrough of Onzie yoga wear it has changed the world when it comes to being active. Compared to most other brands out there the clothing sometimes does not survive the first wash. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for only a pair of leggings? Therefore, what makes Onzie Activewear different from other brands?... Read more
Aug 02

How to Care For Your Yoga Wear (2016-09-27)

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Hey, Guys! We’re clearly into clothes. Activewear especially. We sell them, we wear them, and we live in them! Since we released our Onzie yoga wear range, this breathable, moisture-wicking sportswear can make your workout much more comfy than cotton. Apart from these cutting edge fabrics, they need a little more TLC that you may not be aware of. ... Read more
Aug 02

Yoga with BIA Brazil Fitness Wear (2016-09-29)

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Taking part in Yoga helps your body to connect with the space it moves in. As you begin to focus on your consciousness, you’ll start honing in on the mere sensations that arise during your session when you don’t have to worry about your pants tearing at the seam at any given movement. Yoga is getting stylish mode, which could be a curse or a blessing. It’s a tormented practice when your Velcro on your favorite shorts keeps popping open or you a... Read more
Aug 01

To Lengthen and Strengthen in Yoga (2016-10-05)

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We all know the words that start with L when it comes to our bodies – we want to be lean, some of us want a long body while others are in need of lithe. We would like to share with you today, some great lengthen and strengthen moves used in Yoga, Pilates and even dance to stretch your body while toning at the same time. With these six exercises, you can move one-step to the next without even needing to stop. You can start by doing up to 3 rounds ... Read more
Aug 01

What Women Should Eat to Stay Healthy (2016-10-07)

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We all start out young but eventually we all grow old and the best is to start young in eating healthy and doing your regular exercises in growing old gracefully. Nevertheless, what should women eat to stay healthy? According to many experts, they have found five foods to help women age well! Therefore, if you want to stay healthy and live a healthier lifestyle makes sure to eat these five foods! WHY!!! Because they can fend off diseases and he... Read more
Aug 01

Get Gardening it is the Best Spring Workout Routine (2016-10-11)

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There have been many speculations going around when it comes to obesity, whether gardening could solve this solution. We all know that we need to follow a healthy, balanced diet and need exercise to start shedding those inches. However, how has gardening actually solved this problem – by starting a garden you’re reconnected with different food supplies? It helps to make you aware of your nutritional foods as an alternative to choosing over-refi... Read more
Aug 01

Keep It Simple - Practice Naturally (2016-10-18)

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Have you ever heard of the latest campaign making its word heard about using synthetic or unnatural materials in yoga activewear? This debate has made worldwide news and is still going on. Recline on your sofa and learn about this sizzling debate now.... Read more
Aug 01

How Overeating can Actually Rewire Your Brain (2016-10-21)

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Did you know that your belly is connected to your brain – no, it actually is as when you splurge the likeliness is that you will continue bingeing? You follow the strict rules of dieting and reaching your health goals, but when you cheat, you feel guilty. According to a new study by Thomas Jefferson University, they have shown there is a truth about overeating making you binge on fries to overindulging late at night. So how can overeating actua... Read more
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