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Aug 02

What to Wear for Hot Yoga (2016-07-10)

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Hot Yoga is a combination of postures carried out under warm and humid conditions. A session can last between 60 - ... Read more
Aug 02

Tips to choose good quality yoga clothing (2016-07-13)

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Choosing proper exercise clothing is as important as choosing the perfect exercise routine. Similarly in the case of yoga it is essential to choose proper clothing in which you are going to be doing yoga.... Read more
Aug 02

Best Workouts for Women over 40 (2016-07-17)

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When one reaches the age of 40, there's always a tendency to let go - to stop caring about how you look and if you’re even in shape.... Read more
Aug 02

Latest Workout Trends this Year (2016-07-20)

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We all know today how important workouts are. Experts around the world try to discover newer ways to stay fit.... Read more
Aug 02

5 Effective Weight Loss Drinks (2016-07-26)

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These days almost everyone is obsessed with fat reduction. People are leaving no stones unturned to get rid of their extra fat and look fit.... Read more
Aug 02

How to stay healthy on a vacation? (2016-07-28)

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Vacations are definitely time to relax and unwind with a glass or two. Yet, one shouldn’t go completely out of track and loose all the hard work they’d put at the gym to lose the stubborn fats... Read more
Aug 02

Some Weight Loss Tips for the Beginners (2016-08-02)

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In recent times, people have become too much health conscious. It is very essential to stay healthy and fit. A healthy and fit body is not easily affected by the diseases. ... Read more
Aug 02

How to make your workout more efficient ? (2016-08-04)

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Keeping fit is a mantra that everyone follows. In a world of heavy cuisine, junk food, obesity and other ills, a work out is probably on everyone's routine.... Read more
Aug 02

The Best Posture Exercises - Back and Shoulder Exercises for Strength Conditioning (2016-08-10)

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Who wants to look all slouched – no one does? When you are slouched it makes you look crouched it causes back and neck pain, decreases your oxygen flow, lessens suppleness and you are more at risk of getting an injury. ... Read more
Aug 02

How Breathing Exercises Can Propagate Wellness (2016-08-10)

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You can control your breathing and generate it into something more beneficial than just exchanging it as oxygen into carbon dioxide. This is how breathing exercises can propagate wellness in strengthening your chest muscles making it easier for you to breath, it does not require any special equipment, and you can start anywhere and anytime. ... Read more
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