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Aug 02

Simple yoga poses for beginners (2016-06-12)

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Yoga can be slightly intimidating if you are a beginner. Twisting yourself into various positions is not easy. But with a little patience you can easily learn this age old exercise... Read more
Aug 02

7 Workout Tips for Busy Bees (2016-06-13)

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Are you a crazy workaholic? Don’t have time to even breathe? But what will you do with the exhaustion that is taking over your body? Also the food that you’ve been having from outside must have started affecting your body by now... Read more
Aug 02

Some Recommended Weight Loss Foods (2016-06-14)

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Everyone knows that working out is the best way to get rid of all the excess weight in your body. But, people out there might not be able to work out properly.... Read more
Aug 02

Benefits of Yoga on Yogis (2016-06-15)

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It is no longer a secret that the ancient Hindu practice of Yoga has created wonders in the lives of people from all over the world... Read more
Aug 02

The benefits of yoga in human life (2016-06-19)

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It is very necessary to practice yoga in order to stay fit and healthy. Not only the corporeal development, yoga will also help you to develop your mind and soul... Read more
Aug 02

Top 10 Functional Fitness Anti-Aging Exercises (2016-06-21)

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We all fear aging. One day it’s suddenly upon us and we are desperate. There are many products you can take to slow aging but they come with side effects.... Read more
Aug 02

Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms (2016-06-22)

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Every woman desires to look beautiful and elegant for which the world admires her. Today, the most important factor for looking good is to have a fit body... Read more
Aug 02

Top 3 Yoga Poses To Detoxify Your Body (2016-06-28)

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Have you been feeling a bit sluggish lately? It could be your body's way of telling you to take it easy. On a daily basis, we have at least a hundred different kinds of toxins that enter our body and are here to stay.... Read more
Aug 02

Work Out Tips and Tricks to Stay on Your Exercise Routine (2016-07-03)

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Have you been indulging excessively on junk food lately? Then it is time for you to stop slacking on your workout session.... Read more
Aug 02

Tips to Manage Cravings with Healthy Food (2016-07-05)

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You are on a diet and you had maintained your healthy eating throughout the week, but then it’s the weekend and your cravings set in. Cravings... Read more
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