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Aug 02

5 Easy and Tasty Fat-Burning Recipes (2016-05-16)

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We all love to eat tasty food. But the food we consume tends to fatten us. We look up the internet for fat burning recipes but we are too lazy or busy to devote so much time in making those elaborate recipes.... Read more
Aug 02

Five Advantages of Organic Yoga Clothing (2016-05-22)

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We all talk about preserving out Mother Earth but at the same time, most of us think, that we are nobody to do anything to save it. The fact, however is, each of us can contribute towards the same.... Read more
Aug 02

A Perfect Diet Plan for Health and Fitness for Women (2016-05-23)

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Women these days are very concerned about their figure, resorting to diets to stay fit. Many wrongly believe that dieting means skipping meals. ... Read more
Aug 02

Tips for Healthy Hiking (2016-05-24)

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What do you to remain healthy lifestyle? Go to the gym? Yoga? Skipping? Running? Wait. Don't all these sound a bit boring? And monotonous? Hiking! Go for hiking! An amazing combination of excitement, fun and exercise... Read more
Aug 02

Why is Fitness and Sports Important for a Healthy Body and Mind? (2016-05-29)

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It is a universally acknowledged fact that a healthy body is a healthy mind. When you talk about a person being "fit", you're not referring to just physical fitness; you're referring to his mental state of wellbeing as well.... Read more
Aug 02

Importance of Healthy Dieting for Weight Loss (2016-05-30)

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Heading towards a burger shop after doing yoga and martial arts? Gorging on sweets after playing and swimming for a weight loss program? Well, that’s not going to help.... Read more
Aug 02

Fitness Trends of 2016: Stay Fit as a fiddle (2016-05-31)

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Almost half of the population of this world craves for a really great and fit figure. Movies and models just add to that desire and in the end the only thing that seems to be of major concern is that we don't have what we want... Read more
Aug 02

Surprising Weight Loss Foods to Include in Your Diet (2016-06-01)

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Have you ever sat back and thought about how much calories you take in with each food item you eat? While some food items are oozing with extra calories, there are some every day food items that actually help you in weight loss instead of adding to it.... Read more
Aug 02

Quality Fitness Clothing - What to Look For (2016-06-06)

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There is an inherent assumption in the present society that being fit is all about being skinny and beautiful. Well, they couldn't be more wrong. If you look it up in the dictionary, fitness refers to a state of complete mental, physical and social well being... Read more
Aug 02

Healthy Weight Loss Recipes for Everyone (2016-06-08)

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In this modern day, we all face a time crisis and are always in a rush. Most of us try to find a short cut in every possible way in all means. In this rush what we forget the most is to take care of our health... Read more
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