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Aug 03

Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss (2015-12-17)

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Here are eight time-tested yoga poses that help with reducing body weight and leading a healthy life. ... Read more
Aug 03

Simple Ways to Recharge Your Workout Motivation (2016-01-13)

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How many times have you planned and even started a workout regime, in an effort to shed all those extra pounds, and each time you've invariably given up after a couple of days?... Read more
Aug 03

Best Workout Clothes for Women! (2016-01-25)

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Have you ever heard a woman say that she doesn't care about how she looks? Of course she does! Every woman wants to look her best at all times, even if she is going to the gym or just staying at home, hanging out with her friends... Read more
Aug 03

The Best Yoga Clothes to Wear for a Daily Workout (2016-01-26)

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Every physical activity demands that you be dressed in a way that suits it, hence when practicing yoga too, you need to wear clothes that help you exercise to the widest range of movement... Read more
Aug 03

Yoga Tips for Beginners (2016-01-27)

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Perhaps you're contemplating getting fit with yoga but need some direction. Here are some tips that will point you in the right direction, right from what to wear to how to practice for best results... Read more
Aug 03

What Will Make You Rock this Year: Year-Round Fashions 2016 (2016-01-31)

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From London to New York and Paris to Milan, the fashion ramps have offered something different and unique. From the slip dress to psychedelic lace to fur trimming and more, this year's fashion trends are fascinating, illuminating and awesome, to say the least.... Read more
Aug 03

Valentine Conversation Heart Cookies (2016-02-10)

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"Say 'I love you!' on Valentine's Day with these yummy sugar cookies inspired by classic conversation hearts." ... Read more
Aug 03

Trendy Yoga Wear to Look Your Fashionable Best (2016-02-14)

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It would be pointless to harp on the importance of yoga in our life today. In the present generation, every second individual you meet is a victim of stress... Read more
Aug 03

Must Have Accessories During Your Winter Workout (2016-02-16)

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Fashion should not have to take a back seat, just because you're only going to the gym. How would you feel if you headed to the gym, dressed shabbily, while others look like they just stepped out of a fashion show? That is why it is important to look prim and proper, smart and stylish when you head to the gym, equipped with all the latest must have accessories!... Read more
Aug 03

Perks of Owning a Fitness Bodysuit (2016-02-23)

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Have you shed a few pounds to keep your body in perfect shape? Then it is time for you to flaunt your new look and the best way to do that is to get yourself a few fitness bodysuits.... Read more
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